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Broker Services

We realize that the Automobile Manufacturers lease and finance programs can be very appealing. Tough to beat, a phrase that comes to mind. In order to retain our client base, and offer but yet another service, many years ago we launched our Brokerage Services Division. We decided if we can’t beat them then lets join them.

Our Broker Service enables us to provide our clients with all the Manufacturers programs for all makes. We will coordinate with the dealership Management team locating the vehicle, negotiating the price, acquiring the documentation, dealing with trade-ins when necessary and finally the delivery of your new vehicle. We’ve built a longstanding relationship with the dealerships, know the questions to ask and how to get you the best deal fairly, quickly and efficiently. What does this mean to you? Time and money saved!

So if a lack of time or a lack of patience or even the dislike of visiting a dealership has piqued your interest in our Broker Services program we’re on standby. Let’s leave the wheeling and dealing to the experienced.    

Get in touch with one of our Sales and Lease Specialists to have all your questions answered. We would be happy to assist, so please feel free to reach out anytime. We’re looking forward to learn more about you and your business. 

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